A special THANK YOU to Eden Run Farms/JCL Division in Welch, OK
for breeding 50+ females to Baxter.

"We have Baxter calves on the ground and I love them. They look good and are some of the easiest
calving we have had here in a long time."

James C. Linthicum Sr.
Welch OK


A special THANK YOU to DeMar Farms in Canton, TX for their volume purchase of Baxter Semen. I appreciate your confidence in Baxter and for including him in your spring breeding program.
Thank you
Bill Helton

JCL Baxter 99K is currently the #1 Homo Black Homo Polled Purebred  AI Bull in the Limousin breed for Marbling EPD and one of the highest Purebred bulls in the breed for Marbling EPD.


Pictured at 13 months

Click here for EPD's and Pedigree for 
JCL Baxter 99K

JCL Baxter 99K is Homozygous Black 
and Homozygous Polled

BW 82
WW 811
YW 1420
16 Month Wt. 1770
Sc. measurement 42.5 cm
Baxter, the newest addition to our bull battery, was the top selling bull in the JCL/Eden Run "Back to Basics" sale. With phenomenal performance, exceptional depth of body, muscle expression and scrotal development he is just the ticket for the progressive producer. He also stands on a big foot, is heavy boned and very sound moving. His disposition is second to none and his pedigree is proven and fault free. Semen is available for $30 per unit. Contact Circle H Ranch toll free at 1-866-740-9024, Grassroots Genetics, Limi-Gene or High Country Semen Co.
If you are a commercial cattleman utilizing A.I. in your herd please take a strong look at Baxter. If you are trying to produce all Black and Polled calves that should be fast growing and easy doing calves while adding muscle Baxter could be just what you are looking for. Please contact Bill at the Ranch for Commercial Cattlemens Discount on Volume Purchases.

Pictured at 28 months

Mature Weight: 2500 
Mature Scrotal: 50 cm
JCL Baxter is the Total Package ... Disposition...Scrotal...Performance...Balanced Numbers...Homo Black...Homo Polled...A Proven Heifer Bull, The highest HB HP AI purebred bull in the entire breed for Marbling EPD.




MAGS Unadvised 1675U

BW: 76
WW: 807
YW: 1298

Homozygous Black
Homozygous Polled Purebred

We partnered with Howard Bros. on a young bull I purchased for them at the 2009 Magness Land and Cattle Bull Sale in Welch, Ok. He is a son of AUTO Dollar General and out of MAGS Mandarin.  He should work well on heifers as well as mature cows and sporting a 42 milk EPD he should produce daughters that will milk and raise a big stout calf. He also scanned a 17.0 Ribeye. Semen is available @  $30 per unit . Volume discounts are available but you must contact Bill or Darryl to get the volume discounts on semen on this exciting young herd sire. UPDATE... His first calves look great and are growing well. Some of his daughters should be in production sometime this year.




Oak Bowery Alliance 723

Pictured at 16 months
(Now Deceased)

CEM  +1; BW  3.9; WW  53; YW 99;
Milk 39; $B  54.15

BW: 79
Adj. WW: 964
Adj. YW: 1530
15 Mo. Weight: 1670
SC: 38 cm
UREA: 17.8
Marb.: .29

DNA Tested
Homozygous Black
Homozygous Polled

Semen Price $20 per unit
Certificates $25

Oak Bowery Alliance 723 is quite possibly the most powerful son ever of the maternal giant SITZ Alliance 6595.
We selected this young sire to start our Angus and Lim-Flex program for several reasons. A few of those are his tremendous growth, solid set of EPD`s, soundness of feet and legs and his outstanding eye appeal. Add all that to a 17.8 UREA and a .20 Marbling EPD and a 38cm yearling scrotal and that makes him as complete a bull as anyone could ask for. Take a strong look at this bull when considering your Angus, Commercial or Lim-Flex program. Co-Owned with Howard Brothers in N.C.

Pictured at 28 months
(Now Deceased)


Attention Commercial Cattlemen ..... This young bull scanned a 17.8 Rib Eye and has above breed average marbling. Add that to his 964 Adj. WW and 1530 Adj. YW and it appears that he would be an excellent choice for a commercial AI Program. Volume discounts are available for everyone. For Angus Breeders Certificates are $25. Place your order for Oak Bowery Alliance 723 today!!!!




EXLR Pacesetter 025T

BW: 93
WW: 652
YW: 1096

Homozygous Black
Homozygous Polled
LimFlex 50%

EXLR Pacesetter 025T was raised in the Express
program and acquired in the Hayhook Dispersal.
025T is a Homo Black, Homo Polled LimFlex bull
that we will use as one of our herdsires. I
have seen and raised calves out of this stout bull
and they look great and grow well. We look forward
to seeing many more calves from this proven bull.
Co-owned with Howard Brothers in N.C.



JCL Full Force 53N

Click here for more info on
JCL Full Force 53N

(Now Deceased)

BW 78
WW: 679
YW: 1208

Homozygous Black
Homozygous Polled (DNA)

We have partnered with Howard Brothers Farms in North Carolina on this nice son of RADS Black Prodigy from Sayer and Son Limousin and Eden Run/JCL. He is Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled. He has a successful show career in both Denver and Louisville with division crowns in both behind him and now he is ready to go to work in the pasture. We look forward to seeing his first calf crop in our herd. We have semen available now on this good bull. All inquiries are welcome as well as volume discounts on semen packages. You must contact Bill at Circle H Ranch or Darryl at Howard Brothers Farms for these discounts. Semen is also available at Grassroots Genetics. Take a close look at "Full Force" when making your next breeding decisions.




BW: 89
ADJ. WW: 660
ADJ. YW: 1178

7-UP is a mature bull that I purchased from Silver Top Ranch in Seminole, Oklahoma. He will be used on a few select Limousin females and a larger commercial herd. His progency have been consistently weaning at 700+ pounds. We also have semen available on this good bull. If you are a Seedstock or Commercial breeder please take a close look at 7-UP. He will add pounds to most peoples calf crop. He has above average muscle and is Homozygous Black. I will give a nice discount on volume purchases of 7-UP semen. Contact us today from our homepage.


We also use Top A.I. sires such as C L Burbank, AUTO Dollar General, LH  Rodemaster, JCL Lodestar, DHVO Deuce, WULFS Walcott, WULFS Warbonnet,
SAV Net Worth 4200, Sydgen CC & 7, Coleman Production 608, WEHH 323S,
AHCC Westwind and GAR Predestined as well as others.

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