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KRVN Progeny 175P

BW -0.8  WW 37  YW  70   Milk 32  SC. 0.5  Marb. .08  MTI 43

KRVN 175P is without a doubt one of the most proven LimFlex donor females in the breed. She is Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled and Homozygous Good ! She boasts 64 progeny with NALF including animals being used in the following programs...Pinegar Limousin, MO (22) , Brown Land & Cattle, MO (2) Englewood Limousin, KY, Magness Land & Cattle, CO Farrar Limousin, OK ALE Ranch, MO Triple K Limousin, KY Sexton Limousin, OK Gillette Bros Limousin, IA Jepson Limousin, KY Massey Limousin, KY Red Rock Limousin, TX Lonley Valley Limousin, NE. With a 32 on milk EPD she is also one of , if not the highest Rulon daughters for milk in the breed. She is currently raising an outstanding MAGS the General heifer calf and will be flushed very soon. Hopefully we will have embryos available from several top sires in the breed. All inquiries welcome.


BW 1.5  WW 67  YW  122  Milk 26   SC. 0.6  Doc. 19  Marb. .38  MTI 60

The Coleman Production 608 bull has produced progeny that have excelled all across
the country and this female is no exception. Coleman Miss Production 957W is an
outstanding Homo Black Homo Polled LimFlex Female and we are expecting some
really good calves out of her. We purchased her from Englewood Farms and we
partnered with Blair Springs Limousin and O`neal Limousin. She has a great set of
EPD`s including a 68 on WW, 123 on YW, 54 on Marbling and a 66 on MTI. She is the
kind of female that every progressive breeder should be trying to produce to some
extent in their herds. We have pregnant recips carrying Deuce matings and frozen
embryos as well. All inquiries welcome.


BW 3.5  WW  66  YW 122  Milk 23  SC. 0.5   Marb.  .10    MTI  53

AUTO Jayda 257U is a big stout Homo Black Homo Polled Purebred female that was
purchased from Pinegar Limousin. We partnered with O`neal Limousin on this nice
female. Her strong EPD package includes a 67 on WW, 122 on YW, .11 on Marbling and
a 54 on MTI. She did an outstanding job with her first calf out of AUTO American Idol.
We flushed this young cow to the popular WULFS Walcott F711W. We have frozen
embryos for sale now. 257U is currently pasture exposed to MAGS Twain. All inquiries


BW 0.3  WW  44  YW 85  Milk  27   Marb.  .13  MTI  44

CLLL Mongoose is a superior Homo Black Homo Polled LimFlex Female that was
purchased in the Hayhook Dispersal. We partnered on this female with O`neal Limousin
and Blair Springs Limousin. This female has a nice conformation and a disposition that
is as good as any bovine in the country. She sports a very solid and balanced EPD
package. We are expecting some outstanding calves from this great female. All inquiries


BW 1.4  WW  52  YW  98   Milk  45   Marb.  .16   MTI  51

HMMP Liberty Belle 784T is a Homo Black Homo Polled Purebred female that was
purchased from Quail Ridge and Pharris in Ky. We partnered with Blair Springs on this
top donor prospect and she has performed well. Her first calf is working in Tennessee
in a commercial operation and we have frozen embryos and calves out of the National
Champion DHVO Deuce. This female has a really balanced set of EPD`s including a 53
on WW , 100 on YW and a 44 on Milk . She also has a .12 on Marbling and a 50 on MTI.
784T has developed into a super nice female and anyone would be proud to own her.
All inquiries welcome.

MJCM 054 C

MJCM 054C x Excellante

MJCM 054C x Excellante

BW  3.9  WW  43  YW  76  Milk  21   ST.  20  MTI   42

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A big mature cow that is a total outcross to Touchdown bloodlines. She is
Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled. We have calves on the ground sired by
AUTO Dollar General and by the popular Angus sire Sydgen CC & 7.  We also have
frozen embryos by Cole Wulf Hunt and Angus sire Sydgen CC & 7. Shewill turn
19 years old in April 2012 and still in production and good condition. She has done an
outstanding job for us.  This female is the dam of the popular Black Cat DHAN bull and
the Great grandmother of the National Champion DHVO Deuce. 054C currently has 28
calves recorded with NALF and has offspring in 8 different States and in several top
herds such as End of the Trail Limousin in Ok., Woodbrook Limousin in Va., Hale Land
and Cattle in Tx. ,D`Hanis Limousin in Tx., Farrar Limousin in Ok. and Frieouf Limousin
in Ok. Another top donor doing a great job. All inquiries welcome.


JCLC 76J x JCL Lodestar

JCLC 76J x Dollar General

BW 2.3  WW  32  YW  71  Milk  32   SC. 0.5   ST.  15

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A big time Homo Black Homo Polled donor that has a solid set of EPD's featuring a 31
for milk.  Sired by JCL Black Out and out of LL Miss Knoll her first flush for me
produced 27  embryos to AUTO Dollar General 122R. I have raised calves out of
Lodestar, Dollar General and Excellante and they are all very good and have a strong 
set of EPD`s. This proven donor has done an outstanding job for us and also has
progeny working in herds in the following states... Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,
Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconson and West Virginia and in several top
herds such as Pinegar Limousin, Spring Creeks Cattle Company, Circle R Ranch, Oneal
Limousin, Coosa River Cattle Company and Riverside Valley Farm. 76J currently has 27
calves recorded with NALF and has produced some of the best calves we have ever
raised at Circle H Ranch. We have embryos and some progeny available now. Please
contact us for availability and all inquiries are welcome.


BW  1.8  WW  52  YW  102  Milk  22  Doc. 24  Marb.  .09   MTI  49

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Co-owned with Howard Brothers in North Carolina this is the one of the best females I
have ever raised.  Sired by Lodestar out of DFLC 2M this female has it all.  The look, the
numbers and to top it off Homo Black and Homo Polled all in one package.  What a
great female!  This female has been successfully mated to Carrousels MVP, HMMP
Polled Sarge and MAGS Unadvised 1675U with progeny on the ground now. 216R has
about as solid and balanced EPD package from front to back as any animal in the
breed. All inquiries welcome.

A special thanks to Howard Bros. Farm LLC and Darryl Howard for purchasing one half interest in this great female.


BW  1.9  WW  40  YW  72   Milk  19   Marb.  .07  MTI  44


A nice female with a super pedigree. Homo Black and Homo Polled she has always
raised a great calf so I have decided to try her as a donor. She is out of CHAZ First
Choice and out of the great Extraordinary HCR 61 X cow. Her calves have a super
disposition as well as eye appeal. We have embryos available now out of the popular
Angus sire SAV Net Worth 4200 . She is currently open and ready to flush. 39J currently
has 10 recorded calves at NALF working in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Louisana and
Oklahoma.  All inquires welcome.


BW  2.6  WW  43  YW  69   Milk  29   REA  .52   MTI   41

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Raised in the Dorminy Program and purchased in the Sayer and Son Dispersal,
"Flossie" is a tremendous donor cow with outstanding fertility producing 94 embryos in
her first six flushes. We have cattle on the ground now by Cole First Down, Hunts Hi-
Liter, WRC Punch, and JCL Baxter and all are performing well. We have embryos mated
to JCL Lodestar. Flossie is 15 years old and currently has 36 calves recorded with
NALF working in 6 states and Canada and in several top herds such as Hillside Farm
(Canada), Sayer & Son Limousin, 4K Limousin, Blanton Limousin and S&R Cattle
Company.  Flossie has been a top producer at Circle H Ranch and all inquiries are

A special thank you to Rocking W Limousin in Oklahoma
for purchasing this tremendous Donor.



BW  3.6  WW  41  YW  82  Milk  36   ST.  19    MTI  45

AUTO Right Way 272R was born in the Pinegar program and purchased from Magness Land and Cattle in Oklahoma. She is sired by AUTO American Idol 162L and out of the popular AUTO Barbara Ann 277H cow. We partnered with Blair Springs Limousin on this super thick, super deep bodied female. We are currently flushing her to LH Rodemaster 338R. 272R is a Hetro Black, Homo polled female that sports a 39 milk EPD. This mating should produce some really good calves. All inquries welcome.

We have several pregnant recips that are due to calve soon. Several of these recips are carrying matings from these top Donors. We have frozen embryos also available out of them. If you are interested in Recips, Embryos or in buying a flush out of any of these Donors please contact Bill today. Contact info is on my Home page.

Thank you

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